Fibre-Glass Body Design

Body design or cowl design some of you might call it. One of the most dreadful yet intriguing things I've done during my campus life :)

Events and activities

Places we visit and activities we've done throughout the season!

Binbou Ryoko

Trips during our period in Japan.

Rojak Tauhu

You wouldn't know this simple dish would be so delicious!

Jangan Tinggal Solat

Cabaran hidup kat negara Jepun. Nak solat ble masuk waktu ke nk tgg ade tempat n keadaan yg selesa dulu baru nk solat? Pk la sendrik~

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ok seriously it sucks~ Most of us were really beginner at this time.

Our first recorded cover song in 2008.  Can't really say that Band MISA is officially disbanded.  Maybe the next time we jam together,  the name would be change.  Afterall we won't be MISA anymore~

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