Saturday, January 14, 2012

Plasma review

Everyone in primary school learned the basics of matters - they’re known to be exist in three states: solid, liquid or gas. But as you further your studies in physics, you’ll come to learn that there is actually another state of matter that concedes gas - plasma.

 Whereas you can’t really see the gas, you can actually see plasma clearly. Ever seen metal welding process? Or even lightning in the sky? Well, that's plasma. It occurs when gas molecules gain more energy enough for them to lose their electrons to become very unstable. It is very unstable it can only exists for a short amount of time. This is the concept of ionization, which most of us learned in high school (for those who take science classes)

 I’m in my final year in Hokkaido University doing research for my final thesis.

 Some people ask me, why I ended up in material engineering laboratory when I’m enroll in mechanical engineering course? Well, in Hokkaido University it is called 機械知能工学科(Mechanical Systems Engineering?). It is sort of mechanical + electrical + material + nuclear studies. We still have to learn electric circuits, basic programming, nuclear plant design, material physics, plasma physics, together with all those mechanical subjects you expect us to learn. That's why we could choose to go to mechanical or nuclear or even material labs.

 Someone complaints about me not updating my blog. Hows that for a start? Been busy completing my thesis and experiments so if I were to write that will be about my thesis :P

Ninja village, Noboribetsu


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